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Ernest B. Leibov, MD, Medical Director and Founder

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The decision to see a psychiatrist, whether based on advice from your family doctor or your own counsel, can be a difficult one. Regardless of the modern advances in Western civilization, consciously or subconsciously, most people view anything related to psychiatry as a euphemism for "craziness" or at least a decrease in intellectual capability or the ability to make a rational decision. Even though this could temporarily be the situation, with the help of a psychiatrist it can be very well treated in the majority of cases. Whether we like it or not, this prejudice and the resulting stigma is a fact of life and is held even by those who are considered otherwise "well-educated".

We provide treatment for the following conditions:
-"Pain killers"(opiates),Heroin and Alcoholisn addictions- EXPRESS stabilization  by Suboxone and Vivitral
-Depression/Bipolar Disorders (Mood Swings)
-Chronic Pain (Particularly treatment with acupuncture)
-Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)    

We are no longer participating providers in any insurance networks. To find out about your out-of-network benefits, please call the customer service number on your insurance card.

Our Business Days:
Monday    Tuesday    
Thursday    Friday    

Patients can be seen
by appointment only. NO WALK-INS ACCEPTED.

In case of the  real psychiatric emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to the  nearest emergency room immediately. For a better understanding of what constitutes an "emergency" in the mental health field, please read the information in "Our Mind's Emergency".

Unfortunately, we do not receive any grants or other support from Federal, State, and County government like hospitals and clinics. Therefore, we are unable to service low-income or indulgent patients.
 If you do not have insurance or funds for your treatment you should apply to the hospital for charity care or sliding scale.
 The nearest hospitals are:

St.Claire's: (973) 625-6000 ext: Charity Care 
Newton Memorial: (973) 383-2121 ext: Charity Care

For directions to the office use your GPS or , please click the red balloon, then the link provided.
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1. Click the red balloon on the map below.
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Call for an appointment:

Anxiety, Pain, and Depression Medical Center
Ernest B Leibov, MD
350 Sparta Ave., Bldg. A
Sparta, NJ 07871-1150
                                 Voice: (973) 729-0224 (life operator of the answering service 24 hr x7)
  Fax: (844)273-7180
e-mail: m

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